Helicopter vs Zombies™


For iPhone & iPod Touch – Buckle up and take flight.  Soar through the sky and fly your 3D helicopter through floating rings to score as Zombie Robots with jet-packs try to take you down.  You won’t be flying the friendly skies!   Fun all ages – with or without a pilot’s license!

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3D iPhone, iPod Touch Helicopter Game – 3D iPhone, iPod Touch Flight Game

Playing Tips

When possible, focus on Blue Rings which are worth 200 points – White Rings are worth 100 points.

At game start, the helicopter faces the “gameplay path.” You have more opportunities to score when you fly in that direction toward objects in the distance. Alerts appear at the top of the screen when you head away from the path.

Land on the “H” of a helipad and three Blue Rings will appear – collect them all and score 600 points!  Align the helicopter with the “H” when you land and the Rings will appear right in front of you in the direction of the gameplay path.

Enter the Zombie Temples on level 2 to collect three Blue Rings in each worth 600 points!

Just like in a real helicopter, while hovering in tight spaces or over helipads, use very subtle tilt movements for expert control in all directions and gentle taps for up and down.

Zombies move up, down and sideways, so be careful when zooming around them. Touch the arrow controls on your screen to speed turns and fly up or down.

Just like real flying, optical illusions occur.  If you approach the Zombie Temples at the correct angle, there’s plenty of clearance for the helicopter.  Watch out for the two single beams that connect the structure – time your entrance and exit carefully!

Use the tilt and touch controls in unison for advanced helicopter movements. Press the up or down arrows on both sides at the same time to go up and down faster.

Don’t fly too high or too low; you’ll receive a warning and the consequence is guaranteed to be explosive!

Pilot, have a safe flight!

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